A timed keyholder for your chastity device.

About ChastiKey – Timed Keyholder

ChastiKey acts as a keyholder to your chastity device, one that will store and hide combinations that you’ve set your locks or personal safes to, for a variable/random duration of time. Each day you will get a chance to have that combination revealed to you, and that chance will increase slightly each time you try.

To set up a new timed lock you will need to choose the length of the combination that your lock or safe allows (4 to 8 digits), the maximum days you want the combination to be hidden from you (maximum 99), and whether or not you want a chance for the maximum days to be increased or decreased (up to 50% chance).

You will then be shown a random combination that you will need to set your combination lock or safe too, before being shown a screen full of random flashing numbers to help you forget that combination.

Once you’ve closed the combination lock or safe and it’s no longer openable without typing in the correct combination you will be given a chance each day to reveal the combination. This is done by picking a random counter from a jar (all done in the app). A green counter will show you the combination needed to unlock your combination lock or electronic safe. A red counter means you will have to wait another day to try again. A yellow counter will either add or subtract a number of red counters from the jar. Each counter picked will be removed from the jar which increases the chance of picking the green counter next time.

All lock data is stored on the device and backed up online. Account registration not required.

Future Roadmap / Fixes

Here’s a list of things that I would like to add to the app or fix, some of which is based on feedback and suggestions from users. I can’t guarantee that all of them will see the light but I do listen to your feedback and suggestions.

  • Some guides, better explanations, anything to help make it a little clearer on how it works as it’s become apparent that it’s probably not that easy to understand right away. These might appear as an FAQ page/section inside the app.
  • The option for shorter locks. So each red counter will add an hour to the lock up instead of a day. This will allow the user to lock themselves up for a few hours instead of days. It will also give the user a chance to test the waters a bit before jumping into much longer durations.
  • Not given this one much thought but one user has asked for simple chance games like rolling a dice or flipping a coin which will either add or remove red counters. They also mentioned being set assignments like opening the app at a specific time for rewards/treats, and I’m guessing maybe adding a red counter or two if they fail…
  • The option to have another user set up and control your locks from another device. In principle it would work a little something like this: a friend, partner, or Mistress/Master would choose the number of red and yellow counters (they might have the option to hide this from you) and send you a generated code. Once you type in the code you will be asked how many digits your safe/combination lock has, and it will tell you to set up your safe/combination lock with a randomly generated combination. Once it’s all locked the other user will be able to add or remove counters on their device, which will reflect on yours. This may not be possible with the current system where account registration isn’t required.
  • Some more colour schemes. Why not?! This is quite easy to do so not a big task but the way the choice of themes is currently displayed will need re-working.
  • Stats and medals! No one has asked for these yet but it is something I’ve been wanting to add in one day. Some basic stats and medals like those shown in the Amazon Audible app, and maybe some best so far stats/records. I imagine some users would see things like this as a way to motivate themselves to lock for longer durations and set themselves goals/records to beat each time. I could be wrong.

Check out my blog to see some work in progress screenshots containing some of these requested features

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