A timed keyholder for your chastity device.

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About ChastiKey – Timed Keyholder

ChastiKey acts as a keyholder to your chastity device, one that will store and hide combinations that you’ve set your locks or personal safes to, for a variable/random duration of time. Each day you will get a chance to have that combination revealed to you, and that chance will increase slightly each time you try.

To set up a new timed lock you will need to choose the length of the combination that your lock or safe allows (4 to 8 digits), the maximum days you want the combination to be hidden from you (maximum 99), and whether or not you want a chance for the maximum days to be increased or decreased (up to 50% chance).

You will then be shown a random combination that you will need to set your combination lock or safe too, before being shown a screen full of random flashing numbers to help you forget that combination.

Once you’ve closed the combination lock or safe and it’s no longer openable without typing in the correct combination you will be given a chance each day to reveal the combination. This is done by picking a random counter from a jar (all done in the app). A green counter will show you the combination needed to unlock your combination lock or electronic safe. A red counter means you will have to wait another day to try again. A yellow counter will either add or subtract a number of red counters from the jar. Each counter picked will be removed from the jar which increases the chance of picking the green counter next time.

All lock data is stored on the device and backed up online. Account registration not required.

Version 2 is now available

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve now finished working on version 2 and have uploaded it to the Google Play store. Here’s what’s new in version 2.

  • A new design. Everything was re-written from the ground up.
  • A help page that gives an explanation of each option and how to use the app.
  • Shareable locks. Create a lock and share it with other users to use.
  • Hourly locks. You can now test the waters with short lock ups between 1-24 hours.
  • You’re no longer penalised if you’ve been away from the app for a few days. Let me explain. In version 1 if you set the lock for approximately 6 days and you were away from the app for 4 of those days then the length of time the lock could run for is approximately 10 days because you’ve missed 4 days to try and find the green counter. Now if you’re away from the app for 4 days, when you come back to the app you will have 4 chances instead of just the 1. In version 2 you have the option to have it either way.
  • Hide the timer. You now have the option to hide how long is left before the lock has finished.
  • Replaced the jar of counters with cards. Same principle as before. There’s green, red and yellow cards. The yellow cards add or remove reds. It’s still random but you’re now able to pick the card you want to view whereas the app just picked a counter randomly from the  jar for you.
  • 6 more colour schemes and a settings page which at the moment only has the choice of themes and the option to turn on or off notifications.

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